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Tomorrowland movie review (2015)

Tomorrowland Movie Review

Tomorrowland Movie Review by the Movie Slackers

I guess since it worked for Pirates of The Caribbean,  Walt Disney felt, “Why not Tomorrowland?” Not only has ‘Pirates’ worn out its welcome with me after the second film, Tomorrowland, for all of its grandiose and lofty intentions, falls short of greatness.

Britt Robertson, is Casey Newton, a high schooler (even though she is actually 25) who is a bright kid and a dreamer. Her single father (Tim McGraw) works for NASA but is about to be out of a job when the launching pad he works on will be shut down.  This, despite, Casey’s intention of sabotaging the pad enough to keep her father employed.

One night, she is arrested and thrown in the local jail. I thought if you were ever arrested for vandalizing a property that was federal, you were picked up by Homeland Security and they processed the crime as a felony?  Oh, well, who cares. When Casey’s dad posts her bail, among her personal items, is a Tomorrowland pin which, when touched, transports you to the future in Tomorrowland. It is a Utopian dreamworld where everything is clean, shiny and seemingly ALWAYS brand new. Release the pin, and she is back in the here and now. Not everyone can see what Casey sees, but Athena (Raffey Cassidy) thinks she has found the right person in Casey to save the future.

Brad Bird, who has directed some great films like The Incredibles and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, directs Tomorrowland like it was a school class project; preaching and heavy handed about how people are destroying the world. If only it weren’t for people, Mother Earth would be a Utopian reality, seems to be the gist of Tomorrowland. Bird’s direction as well as the script he co-wrote with Damon Lindelof  has all of the subtlety of a brick through a window and it will hammer you for almost the entire film and especially for the final act.

Robertson and Cassidy are the life of this film, however and they both are wonderful. They breath life and energy into an otherwise good looking but oh so familiar plot. Their chemistry is fun to watch and they really are what carries this film. George Clooney is Frank and he is a cranky old curmudgeon, that knows more about Tomorrowland than he lets on. I like Clooney and most of his films, but here is a bore. Most of the time he is scowling and sullen because…ya see……he is cranky…..see? He is an excellent actor but here, his character is strictly one dimensional. There is not vitality to his adult Frank at all. I know that is part of his character but, for me, it got old, REAL FAST.  If you want funny but cantankerous older folks, then I suggest Grumpy Old Men. They are at least interesting.

Tomorrowland is not an awful film, to be sure and most families can enjoy this film without being assaulted with profanity, sex and excessive violence. There is action but it is more fun the frightening. The visual world of Tomorrowland is tremendous, the special effects, production and score (composed by Michael Giacchino) of this film are all first rate. I just wish the story had been hashed out a bit more. Instead, what we get is a second rate civics lesson on what we need to do as people to save this planet from disaster.  Don’t you love films that lecture the rest of us about how much we suck as a specie? Quite frankly it has been done before and much better.

Still, Tomorrowland is not a complete waste of time and most people won’t mind a bigger part of the message. However, in a summer that has already brought us such fun and exciting films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road, it would be hard to recommend Tomorrowland ahead of those films. But it is the weekend that also has seen Poltergeist re-emerge and re-imagined, maybe Tomorrowland might be for you.

Tomorrowland Movie Review written by JohnnyTwoToes of the Movie Slackers.

Tomorrowland- is rated PG for adult situtations, some violence and a couple of bad words but nothing very harsh

Tomorrowland – Run Time is about 2 hours

Tomorrowland Movie Review – starring Britt Robertson and George Clooney video review by the Movie Slackers: https://youtu.be/Z5FtO1XGbjc