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In anticipation for the upcoming and final Daniel Craig James Bond film, No Time to Die in April, I recently was able to converse with a gentleman from Australia who has a new channel on YouTube aptly named the James Bond Show. Krazy Kajeevies hosts and is your one-stop shopping for anything relating to James Bond. Since this is Daniel Craig’s final turn as 007, rumors are swirling about the future of the Bond character. Will it become a woman? Will Craig’s Bond be killed off?

No one really knows what to expect from No Time to Die. Plagued with set backs during production and score composer Dan Romer being replaced literally the last minute by Hans Zimmer, some are fearing the worst. Well, April 10, 2020 we will see what vision director Cary Joji Fukunaga has for this installment. Until then, if you are as big of a fan of James Bond, then give The James Bond Show a try for all things Bond. You don’t have to agree with all of his musings but Krazy is on top of his game.

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