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Terminal Movie Review

Terminal Movie Review
Terminal Movie Review

The ads for Terminal sent the internet buzzing a couple of months ago. It didn’t show anything except star Margot Robbie, decked out in red with stilettos walking down a what seemed to be a warehouse. I must say it piqued my interest. It was mysterious and alluring. I mean, it’s Margot Robbie in the lead with Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, Mike Meyers, Max Irons and Nick Moran. It can’t be bad, right? I will dispel that thought right now. Terminal misses the mark on every note.

The film takes place almost entirely in a train terminal that has no travelers at all. Only the saintly maintenance man, Clinton (Mike Meyers) wanders about cleaning up. There is the terminally ill traveler, Bill (Simon Pegg) who is dying of cancer and thinks about killing himself rather than endure the agony of the cancer. There are the two hitmen, Vince (Dexter Fletcher) and Alfred (Max Irons) who are told to wait in a room for a phone call about their next target. Another man, Llling (Nick Moran) is tied to a bed and then there is Annie (Margot Robbie) orchestrating revenge.

I have described Terminal in a way that makes no sense and that is because Terminal makes no sense. It hops from the terminal to the apartment Vince and Alfred are waiting to the local diner where Annie is a waitress. There is no flow to this story at all and that makes for a film so bad, so pathetic that it will give The Outsider a run for its money for the worst film of 2018. Terminal is a film that thinks it is clever and hip. It is neither. But it is predictable, irritating, and smarmy. The sad thing is, even drivel like this takes a lot of hard work to make. But rarely, have I seen a film so completely devoid of any substance.

The acting is horrendous. The characters have no depth whatsoever. The script and direction by Vaughn Stein is so inept and absurd, for the life of me, I cannot believe the studio or Margot Robbie, who co-produced this crap, did not pull him from the project altogether. This is a film that supposedly takes place over one night, yet there are characters who are waiting in an apartment for days on end for a phone call. How does a detail like that get missed? There is not on syllable that is uttered that means anything. There is not one second of Terminal that is challenging, interesting or compelling and not one character I cared about. Terminal is trying so hard to be Quentin Tarantino-ish but, it falls flat on its face, time and time again. Mr. Stein, with all due respect, you could not hold Mr. Tarantino’s jock strap.

Terminal is nonsensical garbage. Smart cinematography, lavish costumes, colorful sets and a decent score can’t save this dreck from being what it is; an utter and complete waste of time. With a run time of ninety-five minutes it is a very long haul. How do mistakes like this happen? Could no one look at this rubbish and see what a mistake it was going to be? There are reasons films like this play briefly at festivals and disappear so don’t tell me the studios don’t know what kind of trash this is before they released it. A few years back Only God Forgives was released and it was up there as one of the worst films I had ever seen. Terminal is right there with it. Yes, Terminal is that bad.

Terminal – 1/2 * out of 5

Terminal – Rated R for graphic language and violence

Terminal – Run time is 95 minutes

If you are still insisting on seeing this film, good luck. It is playing in select cities and On Demand.

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