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Snatched Movie Review

Snatched Movie Review
Snatched Movie Review

Having been a fan of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, I watched her comedy special on Netflix expecting some funny material. What I watched was one of unfunniest acts I have ever seen. If you have not seen her Netflix special, consider yourself lucky. Snatched was not a film I was ready to watch having sat through her failed routine on Netflix. The film stars Schumer and Goldie Hawn as daughter and mother who go to Columbia for a vacation after Schumer’s boyfriend breaks up with her on the eve of the big trip.

Upon arriving in Columbia (why anyone would go to Columbia for a vacation is beyond me, but whatever) Emily (Schumer) and her mother, Linda (Goldie Hawn) they seem to be having fun. There are the typical squabbles between the two but overall, they seem to be having some fun. One night while partying, a handsome young local man, James (Tom Bateman) offers to show them the local sights. Emily is all for it but Linda is dubious and with good reason. As you have no doubt seen in the trailers, they are kidnapped with James being the bait.

Snatched is not a good film, to be sure. She is not as likable as she was in Trainwreck but she still managed to make me laugh. In fact, Snatched had me laughing a number of times, surprisingly. Snatched is not a laugh a minute and there are some moments where the film gets bogged down with cliches, but Schumer and Goldie Hawn have great chemistry as daughter and mother. Hawn, who still looks good at seventy-two, has a number of great lines and the film is wise to spread the humor out to other characters, as well. Ike Barinholtz is a hoot as Schumer’s agoraphobic¬†brother and Bashir Salahuddin is amusing as a United States State Department official. Largely wasted though is the couple of Ruth (Wanda Sykes) and Barb (Joan Cusack) who wander in and out of the film with not much to do.

Snatched has the usual fighting between mother and daughter and things are said that are later regretted and it all comes down to a predictable finish. But I must admit there were some big laughs in Snatched. The supporting characters are somewhat interesting and funny. The country of Colombia is actually Hawaii where this film was shot and the cinematography is beautiful. Director Jonathan Levine who is no stranger to comedies with films like The Wackness, 50/50 and the underappreciated Warm Bodies, keeps Snatched moving along even though we have all been through comedies like this before. Writer Kate Dippold has written a rather funny script and in a limited fashion, has redeemed herself from her script to 2016’s rebooted Ghostbusters.

Overall, Snatched was a bit funnier than I expected. They have not reinvented the wheel, but Schumer and Hawn make this film work. Christopher Meloni is wisely used in Snatched as a fortune hunter, of sorts and provides some laughs, as well. While Schumer has not progressed past her Trainwreck role with this film, she has managed to keep her comedy fresh enough in Snatched. I can understand why people would be avoiding Schumer’s schtick and this film like I was but, I am glad I finally caught it. I can even forgive and forget her abysmal Netflix special.

Snatched – *** out of 5

Snatched – Rated R for foul language and some violence

Snatched – Runtime is 90 minutes

Snatched is now available on DVD, On Demand and subscription services. Check your local listings for availability and pricing.

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