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Mr. Right Movie Review

Mr. Right Movie Review
Mr. Right Movie Review

A romantic action comedy with Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick and Tim Roth? Count me in, unless you are talking about Mr. Right. Sam Rockwell is his usual charming self as a hitman who starts to kill those who have hired him to kill others. He completes the hit and then takes out those who facilitate the hits. I guess, he does not want their repeat business. He then meets and falls in love with Martha (Anna Kendrick) who is a newly jilted young lady and can’t seem to get over her previous unfaithful boyfriend. Francis (Sam Rockwell) and Martha meet at a local convenience store and almost instantly fall in love. She of course, does not know what he does for a living so what we have is a tired picture that is quite awful.

First, the good points. The cast is attractive and there appears to be the intention of a sweet, romantic comedy with dashes of action. Aaron Zigman’s score is energetically fun. The main problem with Mr. Right is that for a sweet, romantic, action comedy, it is not sweet or romantic and the action is just pathetic. Max Landis, who wrote a similarly plotted film, American Ultra from last year, has gone to this well one too many times. American Ultra starred Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as a couple of stoners who may or may not be assassins for the CIA. American Ultra was no Oscar contender, but it was a sweet, darkly humorous romantic action film whose action was pretty darn effective. The acting was good and that even includes a solid performance from the usually wooden, Kristen Stewart.

Mr. Right, however, is empty of any charm, wit or humor. This is a flat film from start to finish with a tired recycled plot about killers with consciences who finally find love. I could not have cared less about any of it. Kendrick usually is always fun to watch. She is attractive and seems sweet plus, she can act. In Mr. Right, I found her character so annoying, I was not surprised her boyfriend cheated on her. Sam Rockwell is always a joy to watch. He never seems to take himself too seriously, and although Rockwell and Kendrick try their best, Landis’s script is hollow. Jokes that are supposed to be cute and funny come across as forced and unfunny. Their relationship is unspontaneous and I never believed a second of it. There is not a moment of their relationship that I believed was real. Tim Roth sleepwalks through as Francis’s mentor who has gone rogue and is after Francis, too.  Director Paco Cabezas shows no flair for action and some of it, defies logic. There is one asinine scene where the two leads throw knives at each other and catch them with their bare hands. The final climax is eye rolling and groan inducing.

All together, we have a candidate for one of the worst films of 2016. Talk about an utter disappointment. Mr. Right is cloying, obnoxious, witless and not worthy of the talents that are in it. My advice is to watch American Ultra and skip this nonsense. Mr. Right is a waste of time even for die hard fans of the cast. It is no wonder this film languished in obscurity before being distributed. It should have stayed on the shelf.

Mr. Right- * out of 5

Mr. Right- Rated R for language and violence

Mr. Right- Run Time is 96 minutes

If you must still see this, it is playing in select theaters and is On Demand.