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Mission: Impossible – Fallout Movie Review

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Movie Review
Mission: Impossible - Fallout Movie Review

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the second film written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. This is the same writer who wrote The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, Edge of Tomorrow and Way of the Gun. Of Course he is also the writer of last year’s Tom Cruise debacle, The Mummy, the first Jack Reacher film and the abysmal The Tourist. Proof positive when he is hot, he is on fire. When he is not, well lets just say he is not. With Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, I did not think they could top themselves in scope, story and execution. With Mission: Impossible – Fallout they have proven me wrong.

The story of Mission: Impossible – Fallout is familiar but as is the case with Rouge Nation, it is in the finer details and the implementation that makes this Mission: Impossible – Fallout the best film so far of 2018. In the film’s opening, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and Benji (Simon Pegg) are in Berlin to buy three nuclear cores from black market terrorists. When the operation fails, the three cores are stolen by The Apostles, an international terrorist organization want to bring about the destruction of the civil society and the downfall of the West. Hunt and his team must get them back before they are used and somehow the answer lies with Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the villain from the Rogue Nation.

That is all of the plot I am giving you. The less you know the better as the plot has all kinds of twists and turns, all of which you won’t see coming. Tom Cruise at 56 still shows no signs of slowing down. He brings his A game to just about every film he does and MI – Fallout is no exception. He is simply one of the best action heroes Hollywood has ever produced. He ranks up there with Stallone, Ahhnold and lately Keanu Reeves who has shined in both The Matrix franchise and more recently the John Wick franchise. Cruise’s main aim is to entertain and with the Mission Impossible franchise, these film have outdone the previous installments every time although, it is hard for me to pick between Rogue Nation and Fallout as to which one is better. These two films are exceptional to the Mission: Impossible franchise.

The action of Fallout is what most will respond to and with good reason. It is nothing short of breathtakingly spectacular. Each sequence outdoes the next and when you think they could not possibly up their game, they do. But what makes Fallout especially effective is the story and these characters which we have come to know and care about. That is what makes a Mission: Impossible film work so well. If we are not invested with the characters and the story, we check out and could not care less. McQuarrie’s script bristles with intrigue and smarts. They have left no detail unchecked it heightens the tension within each sequence. There is a genuine sense of dread if the MI team fails their mission. Of course, they won’t but getting there is where the joy of this film rests.

Henry Cavill joins the cast as Walker and he is a beast in this film. Let’s just say he is a bruiser and a formidable “foe”, of sorts. The action sells well with both Cavill and Cruise as well as, Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) reprising her role from MI – Rogue Nation dishing out the punishment and taking some, as well. McQuarrie’s direction, the cinematography by Rob Hardy, coupled with the exotic locales (even Kashmir looks interesting) and Eddie Hamilton’s editing provide nothing but rock, solid entertainment from start to finish. Lorne Balfe’s score should get some Oscar talk as it is one of the year’s best scores and one of the best scores he has ever composed and that is saying something. His abilities as a film score composer are endless.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the film to beat this year for sheer enjoyment and endless action. It is relentlessly exhausting in every good way. Everyone has brought their best efforts to this film and it shows. With a run time of almost two and a half hours, I was never bored or uninterested at what was happening on screen. Every scene is crisp and riddled with tension and never lets up. This is Mission: Incredible.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout – ***** out of 5

Mission: Impossible – Fallout -Rated PG13 for nonstop action, some language, sexual innuendo, some gore and adult situations

Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Run time is 147 minutes

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now playing in theaters. I saw it in standard 2D but I am sure 3D and IMAX would only enhance this film. There are no credit scenes or post credit scenes. Check your local listings for times and locations nearest you.

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