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Minions Movie Review 2015

Minions Movie Review

Minions movie review by the Movie Slackers

After a being such a fan of both Despicable Me films, I was jazzed to see Minions. After all they are so darn cute and funny. In Minions, they still are cute but only sporadically funny. The film begins as the leader-less Minions are in search of the perfect villain to serve. But as these things go, they always seem to bump off, or contribute in the bumping off process of the current bad guy they serve. They settle in to a melancholic state without a villain. But, Stuart, Bob and Kevin set out in search of a new villain, determined to save the Minions.

Minions, as we are told by the droll narrator (Geoffrey Rush), have been around for many centuries. The have good hearts but seem to want to cause mayhem, but that is when they are at their funniest. The problem with Minions, the film, is that what was funny in the Despicable Me films has been reduced to kiddie fare, almost entirely, too. The Despicable Me films featured about half and half adult to kid humor and regardless both were funny. In Minions, the film seems to be about 75% for the children so adults will find most of the minions humor to be sprinkled in instead of free flowing like it did in the Despicable Me films.

The Minions end up settling for serving Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). She is desiring the Queen of England’s crown and asks the Minions to steal it so she can be Queen. Isn’t there a whole process that royalty have to go through to be the King or Queen of England? You can’t just steal the crown and call yourself Queen, I thought. It does not matter anyway. Despite some clever and amusing scenes for adults, Minions settles in for a safer route so that kids will enjoy it and parents will be checking their watches.

Minions has its moments and although, a lot of people have criticized the choice of music (a lot of 60’s songs) as distracting, I felt it was perfect for what the film was going for. The voice overs for the film are adequate with Bullock, Jon Hamm as Overkill’s husband, Allison Janney and Michael Keaton as some bank robbing parents. No one though, is pushing any boundaries, here. I realize this is a film that has been directed at kids, for the most part, can we not expect a little something new and fresh for the adults? There are some chuckles, cute moments and clever bits, but Minions could have been the birth of a new franchise instead of trying to cash in on the old with mixed results. Despicable Me did it twice. Minions has yet to do it, once. I don’t blame the minions, themselves but the filmmakers. The did not have the confidence in their own creation, it seems. Am I recommending this film? If you have children, they will love it. If you go as an adult thinking of the Despicable Me films, you will be disappointed. At least, I was.

Minions- Rated PG for mild action scenes

Minions- Run Time is 91 minutes

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