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Ghost in the Shell Score Release

Ghost in the Shell Score Release Plea
Ghost in the Shell Score Release Plea

As most of you know, I love film scores. “What’s that?” you may ask. It is the incidental, instrumental music that plays from scene to scene in any film. I don’t mean to demean anyone that does not know what a score is, but people in the past have asked me what I meant when I said “I loved the score,” about a film. I gave a positive review for the Ghost in the Shell. It was not a great film, but it had enough good elements that I enjoyed it, most notably the score by Clint Mansell and Lorne Balfe. The score is tremendous and one of the year’s best.

Unfortunately, Paramount Pictures has released a statement saying the film will lose upwards of sixty million dollars. It just did not perform the way they had hoped it would; Scarlett Johansson or not. She was especially good in the role of Major, despite the filmmakers being accused of “white washing” a role that should have gone to an Asian, instead. Having said that, Lakeshore Records was all set to release a score album and had even started to take preorders. Now, it has all been scraped with virtually no reason why. I can only surmise that Paramount has lost enough money on this picture and did not feel like paying to release a score to a film that not enough people went to. So, I write this in the hope that someway, somehow they get the idea that if they go ahead and release the score, we fans will buy it. So Paramount Pictures, please give the fans some credit. If you make and release it, we will buy it. There are a lot of us out here that would love to be able to crank up this score. Have faith, Paramount, have faith!!

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