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Bullet Head Movie Review


Bullet Head stars Adrien Brody, John Malkovich and Rory Culkin as a trio of robbers who have sought shelter in a sprawling, abandon warehouse after one of their heists go awry. Waiting for the heat to die down and someone to come and pick them up, they quickly realize that they are not alone in the warehouse. Bullet Head is not a horror film and if you watch any of the trailers you can kind of figure out what is stalking them. With a cast that also includes Antonio Banderas as a corrupt and diabolical cop, you would think that Bullet Head would have been a fresher film.

Bullet Head has so many back stories with each of the lead characters, that every time there is a story to tell, it took me out of the film. The problem is these characters are not that interesting so I did not really care what their backstory was. Stacy (Adrien Brody) has been nickel and dime for almost his entire life. Walker (John Malkovich) is another loser who has spent most of his life stealing for others only to get the scraps of what is left and Gage (Rory Culkin) is little more than an abused junkie tagging along and usually making a mess of things. None of them are all that likable enough to care what happens to them.

Only Antonio Banderas, who is the main villain, manages to elevate this material, but as in the case of a lot of films, Banderas is not even in this film for very long. Throw in Alexandra Dinu as Brody’s girlfriend, Grace, who ends up being little more than an afterthought and Bullet Head is reduced to a substandard B-grade action flick. There is also the implied use of dog fighting which I found to be particularly¬†distasteful. You don’t actually see any dogs fighting as it is implied, but you do see the after effects and it is horrific. I have no idea what writer and director Paul Solet was even trying to suggest other than it is grisly and cruel. Tell us something we don’t already know. The studios don’t seem to have much faith in this film, either. They have not released one usable photo to post for this review. I had to use the promotional poster if that tells you anything.

The acting is sufficient as these are all professionals and they do what their roles require them to do. But Bullet Head is all standard fare. It reminded me of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir¬†Dogs and in fact, there is an effort to pep up this material in Bullet Head but there is very little here, that is new or fresh. Tarantino, this is not. Austin Wintory’s score is excellent, however as is the gritty cinematography of Zoran Popovic. I really sensed that this is a building you do not want to get stuck in. Other than that Bullet Head is a let down when you consider what talent they have assembled for this picture. Everyone seems to be going through the motions but not much is all that interesting. Bullet Head is an oddly titled film but watchable film. Just barely, that is.

Bullet Head – ** out of 5

Bullet Head – Rated R for graphic violence, language and gore

Bullet Head – Run Time is 94 minutes

Bullet Head is now playing in select cities and available On Demand. Check your local listings for times and locations nearest you and your local cable provider for On Demand pricing and availability.

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